Activate Lulu Be Free!!!!

I am a very lucky and very grateful girl. I have everything I need and want in this life. I have a good job, with an amazing boss and work with some of the nicest, easy going people you will ever meet. I’ve been in my job for the past 4 years, it has brought be nothing but good luck! BUT its been a long time now, I have lost interest and find myself daydreaming and procrastinating, like now for example. My procrastination knows no bounds and is actually a huge source of stress for me. I have read so many articles about procrastination while I was meant to be doing other work, where does it come from, how can you solve it, famous procrastinators and my all time favourite – Why procrastinators procrastinate on Wait But Why. (A website written by a procrastinator who is actually really funny and has made a career out of writing about whatever he likes and drawing brilliant stickmen diagrams) and that article is basically my brain in a nutshell. I don’t know how I even manage to function as a normal human being. Seriously!